Hi, I am Old-timer, biker and bonfire singer from The Netherlands.

I like to ride motorbikes, and have done for the biggest part of my life.
As a daily commuter (summer and winter) when I was working still.
But now, since I’m retired, mainly for ride-outs, camping-weekends and holidays.

When camping I like to play guitar and mouth-organ and sing at the campfire.
Keywords: Acoustic, Oldschool, Unplugged, (Irish) Folk & Country, Blues & Ballads,
60’s & 70’s Evergreens.
So, whenever I go for a trip on my bike I have my guitar with me.

Although I am just a cover-singer and not really a Singer/Songwriter, I have written and recorded a few songs. You can find youtube-links to these video’s in this blog too. (Click in “Categories”: “Music Videos“).

Being a “bonfire troubadour”, I normally play in the open air (if weather permits),
but in 2014 I joined a Songslam in a German pub.
That was my first indoor performance ever…

AndI was invited to play in a musical Pub in Germany in january 2016.
That was my second indoor performance.
You’ll find more detailsin the category ‘Performances‘ below.

If you shoul feel like posting comments, please do.

Regards, Old-timer smiley